• Southern Alberta Livestock Exchange Weekly Ring Sales

    9:00 am, Tuesdays
    Fort Macleod, Alberta

    Feeder cattle sell first
    Call Fort Macleod if you have questions.

  • Highwood Buying Station

    Receiving cattle every Sunday between 2-8pm

    Phone a Field Rep or Sage, 403-312-1262.

    Call Fort Macleod if you have questions.

  • Join us Sept 8th at Fort Macleod for one of our many special yearling sale. Call Fort Macleod to join this sale!
  • Fall is just around the corner!! BOOK YOUR CATTLE in today with one of our Field Rep's or by calling Fort Macleod Auction: 403-553-3315.  Watch for our Fall Calendar in your mail box soon! Visit our Calendar page in the meantime!
  • Our Highwood Buying Station is now open!! Cattle will be received between 2-8pm every Sunday. Please phone one of our Field Rep's or Yard Manager: Sage@403-312-1262 prior to bringing cattle in.  
  • THE WESTERN CANADIAN VIDEO CALF SALE, September 11th. We are at a new location - Lethbridge Lodge Hotel, Lethbridge, Alberta. Sale start time is 10am. See our website: http://CanadaLIVE.com for more information.  Or phone 403-892-9027
  • We offer a complete marketing service of your sheep/goats/hogs, etc. Please contact Darren Shaw to discuss these options.
    Darren's Cell # 403-601-5165.



September 11th
We are at a new location - Lethbridge Lodge Hotel, Lethbridge, Alberta. 

Sale start time is 10am
See our website: www.canadalive.com for more information. Or phone 403-892-9027

welcome to Southern Alberta Livestock Exchange

Southern Alberta Livestock Exchange is a forward thinking livestock market located in the southern region of Alberta.
We continue to challenge and change to shape this industry; adapt to the new realities and innovate!

SALE is a true livestock exchange.

Cattle are a commodity, with markets varying on a day-to-day basis. It is difficult to determine what the exact fluctuations in the market will be on any given day. You can trust our professional staff will get you the most money for your cattle on sale day. SALE prides itself in the ability to attract and professionally present large lots of quality cattle, which equates to more satisfied buyers. Competition created by the auction system make markets stronger and makes Producers more money.

SALE does not charge a Seller's commission for feeder and slaughter cattle sold through Fort Macleod Auction and Highwood Buying Station.  Fees including brand inspection, A.B.P., Livestock Security and yardage will continue to be paid by the Producer.

The Producer will be offered the added benefit of 24-hour and 7 day acceptance of cattle. Feed and water is available at cost.

Over the years and especially since 2003, we have seen the industry evolve and will continue to see changes in the future. Those that survive and thrive in the cattle industry in the years to come, may not be the biggest and strongest, but will be those who are willing to adapt to change.

Upcoming Events

Western Canadian Video Calf Sale September 11th, 10 am.

Location: Lethbridge Lodge, Lethbridge, AB

offering approx 25,000 calves.

phone today for more information!

video sale log in at: www.CanadaLIVE.com




Highwood Buying Station is now open!!

Every Sunday between 2-8pm



Fall is just around the corner

Look for our Fall Calendar

in your Mail Box Soon